meet the proprietor. – blurb.

meet the proprietor.

Alura Williams, MSN, RN, PHN

sole proprietor.

Alura is a young woman from Southern California that woke up one morning and decided to turn her hobby of over ten-years into a successful apparel brand. 

If the company name looks nearly identical to her name, it should. Alura chose the name "blurb" to represent this brand because it is one of her fondest nicknames from her childhood. In a time of new technology, texting the name "Alura" on a 12-figure cell phone keypad almost always auto-corrected to "blurb". After several attempts to correct the auto-correct, "blurb" just became the easiest, simplest way to identify Alura. Today, while creating the vision for this brand, no other word by definition fit more appropriately.


Over the last decade, Alura has worked side-by-side with her family's customized apparel business to apply unique designs to any and every type of garment imaginable. She has spent countless hours crafting and creating designs for customers, embroidering anything from tshirts to dufflebags, and printing on hats, sweaters, jackets, and more. The passion she felt from bringing someone's vision alive always left her inspired. Throughout the years, she had learned that the best garments were those that conveyed some type of message for the wearer (or gifter). Every piece needed to say something.

As a critical care nurse, Alura has seen many highs and lows of life. During the pandemic, it became clear to her that it is more important than ever for us to express ourselves because every moment is precious. It is important to say the things we feel, motivate ourselves and others, laugh, celebrate, and enjoy life. 

the brand.

This brand was created to represent life - the good, bad, beautiful, ugly, confusing, serious, and goofy of it all. Garments will be adorned with phrases and captions for the world we are living in, the people we are, and the things around us. 

This brand is simple and straight forward. It is...for the things we say.


Appreciation always goes, first and foremost, to my parents. You both support me through everything, and your dedication does not go unnoticed. Because of you both, I know unconditional love. 

To my brother, I love you. I am proud of you. Always. Thank you for always knowing what's trending and showing me something on the socials.

To every person who wears, shares, or supports blurb., THANK YOU! I will always be immensely thankful for your part in making this dream come true.