apply to be a blurb. ambassador

apply to be a blurb. ambassador

the blurb. ambassador program allows you to get discounts and rewards for shopping and sharing our apparel. as well as a feature on our website.

in a nutshell.

it all starts with a free shirt and a few pictures of your beautiful self in the apparel. then, a few postings on your socials activate your unique promo codes for yourself and your followers. and finally, monthly rewards.


how it works.

mutual selection - you choose us and we choose you. 

step one: submit an application. selected applicants will be contacted within 1-2 weeks with an email outlining the branding details and contract.

step twoif the contract is accepted, a unique promo code for a FREE shirt of your choice will be provided to you. 

step three: within one week of receiving your shirt, it's time to take some photos. send a minimum of 2 photos to our email to receive your unique 10% off promo code for your followers to use. 

step four: once your photos are posted on your social media account, your unique ambassador promo code will be activated and will give you 15% off any items in the store.  

*link to application: here.


the more you promote, the more you earn. 

every month, ambassadors will receive 3% of the total gross revenue from the items purchased with their unique follower's promo code. 

the top ambassador of the month will receive an additional, surprise special gift.


if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us